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Raising the Bar in Lower in Alcohol Wine

This week we received 90 Points from Cameron Douglas for our lower in alcohol Toi Toi Sara’s Rose Light 2020.

We started working with lower alcohol wines 7 years ago, with a goal to create premium wines with no compromise in taste. At the time we were going against a trend of wines with rising alcohol. Our first wines weren’t well received, and granted we were still learning.

Time has enabled us to learn what varietals, vineyards, and winemaking deliver the greatest quality and flavour for our lower in alcohol wines. The answer for us was less about the science and more about premium fruit selection.

To receive 90 Points is a proud moment. But what really excites is the ability to offer wine lovers who want to reduce their alcohol consumption, who are focused on wellness and social responsibility -premium quality, lower calorie and lower alcohol wines without compromise.

Cheers to that

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