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Toi Toi’s Vineyards and long-term grower partnerships reflect our desire to create distinctive, quality New Zealand wines from the regions in which they are most renowned, such as Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Central Otago Pinot Noir.

Our ability to grow quality grapes that make great wine is made possible with support from a fantastic viticultural team focusing on their regional vineyards and getting the very best fruit from them.

Additionally, we have long standing relationships with a group of talented growers who work with us to provide their finest quality grapes for Toi Toi.


Undoubtedly New Zealand’s flagship wine region, Marlborough is the heartland for Toi Toi. This picturesque region at the top of the South Island, in combination with Sauvignon Blanc, put the country on the international wine stage.

Consistently ranking as one of NZ’s sunniest and driest regions, it is the perfect place to grow grapes with depth of flavour and consequently, Marlborough is responsible for more than 75% of the country’s wine production.


Omaka Valley, Marlborough

Brookdale is Toi Toi’s spiritual home. This 28 hectare beauty in Marlborough’s Omaka Valley was our first vineyard and it remains our jewel. In 2007 the vineyard was planted with 45,000 Sauvignon Blanc vines and 10,000 Pinot Gris. At this time, a substantial dam was also constructed to ensure a constant supply of water in those drier months.

Located in a narrow valley with hills on the east, south and west means Brookdale is open to the north receiving full, all-day sun. This microclimate combined with the region’s reputed Marlborough “Southern Valley soil” creates intensely flavoured and aromatic grapes.


Awatere Valley, Marlborough

The Calrossie Vineyard is our newest acquisition and an exciting addition to our stable of Marlborough vineyards.

Nestled between the Wither Hills and the beautiful Awatere River, the vineyard is located in a picturesque valley with it’s own unique microclimate. We obtained the Calrossie Vineyard early in 2022 for its unique flavours and superior soil quality. The main soil type of the 43-hectare vineyard is “Wither Hill Silt Loams” which is infused with flinty notes from the Awatere River.

These soil characters make the vineyard perfect for Pinot Noir production as well as Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Grapevines here are close-planted across 13 different north-facing hills.

“In line with our policy of top quality vineyards in unique terroirs, Calrossie adds low cropping Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc fruit to our Marlborough portfolio. We are very excited with the quality that has been provided from this hillside vineyard from the 2022 vintage.”
Kevin Joyce, Owner and Founder, Marlborough Wine Limited


The remarkable Central Otago landscape of soaring snow-capped mountains and glittering rivers attracts visitors from far and wide who are captivated by the region’s natural beauty. As well its natural inspiration, Central Otago is renowned for some of the world’s best Pinot Noir.

Central Otago has an annual temperature range from -8°C to 38°C, making growing vines a constant challenge. Vineyards are home to New Zealand’s flora and fauna and we want them to remain as healthy, living environments.


Pisa, Central Otago

Central Otago is known to the world as the backdrop to Lord of the Rings and Middle Earth. Our Clutha Vineyard is located near the popular Lake Dunstan with Mt Pisa and its snow-capped peak majestically towering over the valley.

Originally planted in 2006, with eight hectares of a variety of Pinot Noir clones, the vineyard also has a hectare of Pinot Gris. Clutha is divided into two areas, the “Home Block” with utility shed and dam, and across the stream, the “Willow Block”. The vineyard’s soils vary from the fertile Waenga silt-loam to the well drained Molyneux gravels, both unique to Central Otago.

The severity of the Central Otago climate, which has an annual temperature range from -8°C to 38°C and desert like conditions, make growing vines in this region a constant but worthwhile challenge.

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