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Birds New Zealand and Toi Toi wines join forces

Birds New Zealand and Toi Toi wines (Marlborough Wine Ltd) are pleased to announce a joint sponsorship to support the New Zealand Bird Atlas.

The New Zealand Bird Atlas is a citizen science project aimed at mapping the distribution and relative abundance of all bird species present in New Zealand. It is currently underway, running for 5 years between 2019 and 2024, and anyone with an interest in birds can contribute. The project builds on the legacy of the previous two OSNZ Atlas projects (1969-79 and 1999-2004) and will provide an up-to-date assessment on the current status of our nation’s birds, informing conservation management, policy, and public understanding. To find out how to get involved, click here.

The NZ Bird Atlas is the flagship project of the Society, and supports the society’s objectives in promoting the study and enjoyment of birds in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Toi Toi wines have agreed to sponsor Birds NZ, specifically to support six Atlas trips to survey remote areas of the country and gather vital bird observation data.

“Birds New Zealand is pleased to partner with Toi Toi wines to support the NZ Bird Atlas” said Bruce McKinlay, Birds New Zealand president.

“Toi Toi wines is pleased to be able to support this national citizen science project through this sponsorship” said Kevin Joyce, Founder and Owner of Toi Toi wines. “We expect that this sponsorship will ensure that the coverage of the back country parts of New Zealand which the project needs to give complete coverage for the country” said Mr Joyce.

Mr McKinlay continued that “Birds NZ is a voluntary organization and this national project relies on member subscriptions and project specific funding to meet its constitutional objectives and to undertake or support high priority research activities, such as the New Zealand Bird Atlas scheme. Birds New Zealand welcomes ToiToi wines as a valued key sponsor for the NZ Bird Atlas”.

Silvereye. Photo credit Dan Burgin

Banded Dotterel. Photo credit Dan Burgin

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